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We want to help all pupils thrive at Linden Lodge School and to support the Linden Lodge community. 

About us

Linden Lodge Charitable Trust was set up to provide support for the pupils of Linden Lodge School, a day and residential school in Wimbledon specialising in Sensory impairment, particularly Vision impairment. Every pupil, from 2 to 19 years, is cared for and nurtured as an individual, and is provided with innovative and fully accessible learning opportunities. 

The charity also provides some support for the outreach arm of Linden Lodge School, Wandsworth Sensory Support Service (WSSS), available to children and young people with sensory impairment residing in Wandsworth. The service is skilled in caring for deaf, visually impaired and deafblind children, as well as those with complex needs. 


How we have helped

Last year Linden Lodge Charitable Trust funded


hours of music lessons


music workshops


disabled horseback riding sessions

3-D printer


dance workshops


and provided emergency Covid19 support for 50 Linden Lodge School families in need.

Linden Lodge School has a long history of outstanding work and highly specialist support and early intervention for its pupils with sensory impairment and other disabilities, providing an individualised approach to support every pupil, enhancing their lives and expanding their futures while also supporting their families. 


Linden Lodge Charitable Trust was founded in 1980 to support the pupils of Linden Lodge School, with the aim of providing extras not covered by statutory funding, including basics such as school trips, play equipment and music lessons. As Linden Lodge School has developed and the needs of the students have become more complex, the Trust has risen to the challenge of raising additional funding for much larger projects. These have included a wheelchair access adventure playground, wheelchair access mini-buses, a sensory garden, a hydrotherapy pool, and a library and learning resources centre.

The school’s success is a testament to the passion and commitment of the staff to provide the best possible environment and opportunities for Linden Lodge pupils. This means that there will always be a wish list for funding, whether to support important enhancements to the everyday curriculum, or to help realise future projects that will enable the school to do even more to support students’ development needs. 


Linden Lodge Charitable Trust plays an important role in providing support to the school on a day-to-day basis, as well as helping to provide important new facilities when these are needed. Any major new projects need the approval of the School’s Board of Governors and Wandsworth Education Authority, but with their endorsement, the Trustees work hard with the school to raise funds for specific campaigns. We are proud to have  supported some wonderful new facilities over the last ten years.

As well as helping to raise funds for major new facilities, we want to ensure that funds are available for smaller items that make a difference on a day-to-day basis. Music is very important for some of the students, so one of our priorities is to make sure funds are available for music lessons. We also provide funds for playground equipment and toys for the weekly boarders.

During 2019, Linden Lodge Charitable Trust paid for 400 hours of music lessons, 31 music workshops, 36 multi-pupil sessions of horseback riding, weekly dance workshops, and a week’s camping for the schoolleavers. The Trust also bought a 3D printer for the school and smart chairs for the Isobel Family Centre.

Our Trustees

Michael Elks, chair

Sarah Wison, treasurer

Monique Blase, Janie Gulliford, Pamela Handford Green,

Amelia Kidd, Anita Lewisohn, Marina Penna, Peter Shaw     

Interview with Michael Elks, Chair of LLCT

Sam Carlisle interviewed Michael Elks who chairs Linden Lodge Charitable Trust to explore the history and achievements of the charity.

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